The Collection

by Brandon D.




This is a small collection of tracks I made in the year 2014. These few tracks are things I consider noteworthy and actually decent in comparison to the rest of my work so far. In other words, this is my best work as of January 1st, 2015.
I'm releasing this small collection here for people to see all together, though they all are on Collaboration albums, and I'm also working on two other albums, due probably in the summer of this year.
These are going to be much more polished and represent me better than anything else.
Little bit of talk here now. Philosophical shit.
This year has been a hell of a ride. Things happened. Good and bad. Ultimately, I didn't have the experience I would've hoped for. I'm still stressed, still tired, still depressed, and still trying to deal with stuff. That being said, in the dead of winter, I may as well release my decent material in a clump.
I was inspired by a lot this year. Friends, and whatnot. A few notable artists that got me going were Aphex Twin and The Flashbulb, though their influence isn't on these tracks - but in later ones.
I heard some memorable shit this year and while it's now the end, I'm carrying the ethereal music with me.
And, hopefully making some myself.
Enjoy the EP folks. Thanks for tuning in, and, have a great 2015.
Or at least survive 2015 for me, pal. You got this.


released 31 December 2014



all rights reserved


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